There are more ways than ever to market your business online. Exciting advertising strategies, which can send more converting traffic from interested future customers to a website, are being used by businesses and brands of all sizes. Each new advertising channel you venture down can enable you to reap great rewards but can also leave you vulnerable to becoming a victim of fraudulent activity.

Professional affiliates vs. affiliate scammers
If you’re running affiliate ad campaigns, you’re trusting your affiliates to share what they love about your products and promote your deals and offers to their web audience. These affiliates are representing you. They are professionals, it’s what they do. But every so often you may run into an affiliate who is less of a professional marketer and more of a professional scammer. This can end up costing you peace of mind and hard-earned money, unless you stop ad fraud from happening in the first place.

Dishonest affiliates will cost you
Since an affiliate’s pay is performance-based, affiliates want to generate as many clicks, leads, sales, installs, and other actions they’ll be paid for, as possible. Every website click that comes from an affiliate’s efforts are good for them and good for you – unless those clicks and other affiliate-driven actions are fraudulent. Fraudulent affiliate activities result in website clicks, leads, and installs that will end up costing you, because these actions don’t come from interested future customers but from bots, click farms, secretly-installed apps, and other malicious sources. That’s why you’ve got to stop affiliate fraud at the click level.

The fake leads that dishonest affiliates can create will look real to you at first, but they won’t be interested in your products or services and probably won’t even know why you’re reaching out to them. The fraudulent sales can be a real pain to deal with, and will take time away from your actual paying customers. And the increased number of clicks you’ll see won’t correlate to any increase in revenue. So before you end up with a list of fake leads, fraudulent sales, and an increase in clicks that don’t really benefit your business or brand, let us at Fraudlogix help you fraud-proof your online marketing campaigns.

How can you stop ad fraud at the click level?
Preventing affiliate ad fraud with our affiliate marketing suite lets you use:

    • The IP blocklist solution – to block fake traffic, block traffic from sources that are found to be high-risk, prevent fake installs, and block clicks and other actions from malicious sources.
    • Pixel-based and S2S solutions – to get real-time traffic monitoring, identification of fraudulent conversions, detailed reports on flagged traffic patterns and transactions, and full dashboard reporting.

Contact us for a free affiliate fraud test or to let us know how we can help you maximize your affiliate campaigns by weeding out fake leads. Prevent fraud before it can get through with click fraud and affiliate fraud solutions from Fraudlogix.