Since 2010, we’ve been helping the world’s largest ad tech firms weed out bots and improve performance through our solutions for Mobile, Display, In-App, Video, and OTT/CTV environments.

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Ad Exchanges & Networks

Being in the middle of the ecosystem has its unique set of challenges. Juggling billions of impressions, thousands of inventory suppliers, and just as many demand partners is business as usual. Our flat-fee (or FREE) pricing models allow for the monitoring of your ENTIRE network so your demand partners will experience better traffic and performance.


Publishers count on you to provide the highest CPM and fill rates for their inventory. We’ll provide the clarity and transparency needed to achieve exactly that — on a per publisher and domain/app level.


 Your Brand clients expect their ads to be seen by real humans, within view, and on brand-safe sites and apps — without paying extra fees to 3rd parties for it. Is that too much to ask? We don’t think so!

Easy Integration

Just place one universal pixel in the ad creative or third-party tracking tag.

Pre-Bid Decisions

Zero latency. Download our blocklists via API or UI and use on all pre-bid requests.

Flexible Pricing

Regardless of the volume, monitor 100% of your traffic for one flat monthly fee.