Avoid serving ads to users with ad blockers installed.
Ad Blocker Intelligence is a database of IP addresses identified by Fraudlogix as consistently blocking ads through the use of ad blockers. In these cases the ad tag is served, but the subsequent ad and/or click thru URL is blocked from the user’s view.

Zero Latency

Host the files in your environment.

Flat Fees

Use on an unlimited amount of traffic.

Full Control

Control over amount of traffic that’s blocked.

API Access

Access file as downloads or via API.

Fraudlogix uncovers advertisers are unknowingly wasting 11.5% of their budgets, serving ads to users with ad blockers. FULL REPORT


Fraudlogix global network of traffic analyzed.

IPs with a medium, high, or extreme propensity level for ad blocker use are identified.

List of IPs are created and updated hourly.

Access the list via API and integrate intelligence directly into your environment.

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