Programmatic ad fraud solutions
designed for the unique needs of
the supply side


– Pre Bid Blocklist
– Post Bid Reporting/Analysis
– Flat Fee Pricing Model

Within Mobile, Display, In-App, Video, and OTT/CTV Environments,
Our Live IP Blocklist and Pixel-Based Solutions Solve For:

Ad Fraud

Identify and block general invalid traffic and sophisticated invalid traffic (GIVT & SIVT) generated by bots, malware, compromised devices, and other fraudulent means.


Measure the percentage of ad impressions that are in view (or played within a video) on end-users’ devices when ads are served.

Brand Safety

Know when ads are displayed on sites with potentially brand-damaging content, such as those with adult or gambling-related material.

Domain & App Spoofing

Identify when a publisher claims to run an ad on one site, but really places it on another less desirable one. Plus, Ads.txt monitoring to see if the seller is authorized to sell a domain’s inventory.

Live IP Blocklist

Our Live IP Blocklist subscription gives you access (via API or download) to our global list of IPs associated with ad fraud, which is derived from monthly contact with 1 billion unique users and 300+ million websites and apps. Use it to prevent bidding on impressions from bots, malware, click farms, and hijacked devices. Key features include:

  • Pre-bid, impression-level blocking.
  • Blocking before an ad is served.
  • Zero latency (you host the data).
  • Granular insight – see a reason code for every IP on the list.
  • Hourly updates.
  • Flat-fee pricing.

Pixel-Based Solutions

Our pixel-based solutions deliver data and reporting on multiple levels, including: Seller, Publisher, Domain & App, Advertiser, Campaign, and Placement. We offer two versions: the Lite version and the Pro version. Contact us for a free test – there’s no obligation.