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  • · Fake Traffic (human & non-human)
  • · Domain Masking
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  • Performance Guarantee

    Increase your core success metrics by a minimum of 30% or your money back.

    (conversion rate, bounce rate, time on site, etc…)
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Online Advertising's First Fraud Solution Designed for RTB Wholesalers.
(SSPs, DSPs, Networks & Exchanges)

Our mission is to provide effective & affordable fraud solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and scale of the industry’s wholesalers.

Our big data infrastructure and fraud prevention algorithms protect our clients from buying or selling fake traffic in the form of impressions, clicks, leads and sales. Our pixel based technology is deployed on over 600,000 websites, "touching" over 310 million unique users per month.

Our Story

At the core of Fraudlogix lies a group of industry veterans who’ve been committed to developing solutions and technologies for the wholesalers of the online advertising industry since 1998.

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Fraudlogix employs the use of a simple javascript pixel to gather two core sets of data that are utilized for fraud analysis: Digital Data Analysis & Behavioral Data Analysis.

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Performance Guarantee

Increase your core success metrics (conversion rate, bounce rate, time on site, etc…) by a minimum of 30% or your money back.

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Meet Our Management Team

Hagai Shechter CEO, Founder

A veteran in the online ad space, Hagai founded his first ad tech company, Options Media, in 1998. Options Media was purchased by Interclick and then sold to Yahoo! and is today known as Yahoo! Genome, a key component within the Yahoo ad exchange.

Errol James CTO

Errol leads the organization’s technology team with 25+ years of software development experience. 15 of those years have been focused on developing large scale data management platforms for the online ad space.

Jessica Lopez COO

With a background of over 11 years in the online ad space, Jessica leads the organization’s day to day operations and helps to develop ongoing strategic priorities and initiatives. Prior to Fraudlogix, Jessica served as the COO of Options Media.

Omri Barak Lead Developer

With 8 years of in-depth experience architecting and developing scalable software solutions for the online ad space, Omri leads Fraudlogix's team of developers. Omri’s background includes development of data security initiatives for the Israeli Defense Force.

Our Services

Impression Fraud

Our impression fraud solution allows RTB Wholesalers to proactively eliminate fraudulent traffic sources from the programmatic/RTB ecosystem. Learn More

CPA Fraud

Monitor affiliates and determine which sources are participating in fraudulent activities in real-time. Learn More

Click Fraud

Real-time click fraud monitoring allows buyers and sellers to identify & block fraudulent clicks before ads are served. Learn More

CPS Fraud

Protect your merchant accounts. Monitor all credit card submits, in real time, for fraudulent activity. Learn More

As Seen In

One of the greatest challenges in online display media is making sense of the huge volume and variety of inventory that is available, a considerable part of which is, unfortunately, fraudulent. Fraudlogix has been tremendously helpful in this regard.

Nathan Mekuz AcuityAds

Fraudlogix has been an invaluable partner for us. Their commitment to safeguarding traffic is second to none and their dedication to staying ahead of the pack has been a key element of success in our partnership.

Celine Hassan adknowledge

We continue to be focused on protecting our advertisers and look forward to working with Fraudlogix and the industry to support IAB’s efforts to combat fraudulent traffic practices and create real-world preventative solutions.

Fred Thiel Local Corporation Chairman & CEO

We have evaluated several leading tools designed for this purpose, and when we analyzed their data against our own historical data, Fraudlogix emerged as the clear winner. We have now integrated fully with Fraudlogix and rely on it to help us guard against fraudulent media. If you want real fraud protection that works and leads to better results – use Fraudlogix.

Nathan Mekuz AcuityAds

Fraudlogix has helped us weed out the bad traffic from the good. The tangible results have been happy, long lasting relationships with our advertisers. Highly recommended.

H. Yardeny Digital Moses

Affordable Fraud Protection

Impression Solution


  • Flat Fee Model
  • Up to 4 Billion Impressions/Month
  • Fake Traffic (non-human & human)
  • Domain Masking
  • Adult Content
  • Unlimited Users


  • Flat Fee Model
  • 4 - 15 Billion Impressions/Month
  • Fake Traffic (non-human & human)
  • Domain Masking
  • Adult Content
  • Unlimited Users


  • Flat Fee Model
  • Over 15 Billion Impressions/Month
  • Fake Traffic (non-human & human)
  • Domain Masking
  • Adult Content
  • Unlimited Users

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