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We’re focused on creating solutions that address the unique challenges and needs of the supply side. That’s why we offer flat fee pricing models and a full range of solutions to facilitate 100% full network coverage.

Trusted ad fraud solutions with the largest coverage available.

monitoring over 1 billion unique users

monthly over 300 million URLs and APPs


Accounting for 30% of the world’s online population

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Working with ad tech leaders since 2010.

TUNE Testimonial

Fraudlogix has been great for us. As a marketing technology that powers some of the largest partner marketing programs in the world, it’s incredibly important for us to help our clients vet the quality and provenance of the traffic they’re getting. Incorporating Fraudlogix into our service has been a game-changer. Having a best-in-class, up-to-the-minute resource like the Fraudlogix IP Blocklist has been a tremendous boon to both ourselves and our customers, giving our customers strong confidence that the growth they’re driving through our system is real and high quality.

Chief Technical Officer

AcquityAds Testimonial

We offer the Fraudlogix data as an integral part of our platform. Thousands of customers on our platform reap the benefits of it and ultimately see improved ROI. The Fraudlogix data provides us with global insight on a massive scale and is a significant enhancement to our core product.

Nathan Mekuz
VP of AI, AcquityAds

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Founded in 2010, Fraudlogix is a data-first bot and advertising fraud detection company. Our technology and data feeds allow you to weed out fraudulent traffic or identify threats.