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Founded in 2010 after experiencing affiliate fraud first-hand as merchants, we’ve become the trusted affiliate and ad fraud solutions provider for enterprise traffic quality teams. Our technology, embedded in over 300 million URLs and apps, monitors traffic patterns and behaviors across 25% of the global online population, ensuring high-quality traffic for platforms worldwide.
Our solutions target bots, IVT, click fraud, ad fraud, fake form submissions, fraudulent payments, and cyber-attacks, offering security tailored to the specific needs of each sector.

Use Cases:

Affiliate Marketing & Ad Tech

100% network coverage to eliminate IVT, click, and affiliate fraud.  No blind spots from sampling!


Enhancing registration and checkout security against fraud. Our solutions help you block fraudulent activities to prevent chargebacks and increase partner trust.

Cyber Security

Block bot attacks, stop unauthorized access, protect digital assets, and enhance security with our threat intelligence feeds.

fraudlogix banking solutions


Strengthening protections for online banking access, by using strategies in behavioral analysis, digital fingerprinting, and pattern recognition.

Global Data, at Scale

Fraudlogix monitors billions of programmatic ad requests monthly for fraud, bots, brand safety, and viewability. Our sensor makes direct contact, in real-time, with over 1 billion unique devices across 300+ million URLs and apps.

1.2 Billion

Devices Monitored Monthly

300 Million

URLs & Apps Monitored Monthly

195 Countries

Digital Population Coverage

At Fraudlogix, we understand the impact of fraud. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing 100% coverage and protection against a range of threats within digital advertising. Our solutions ensure your ad operations are shielded from risks, so you can focus on the success of your core business.