Streamlined Fraud Prevention for

At Fraudlogix, we simplify fraud prevention for e-commerce platforms, offering clear and effective solutions in a complex industry. Our approach is designed for ease of integration and global coverage, ensuring your online transactions are secure and your customers are genuine.

Extensive Use Cases

Address a variety of e-commerce challenges, including:




Fake Form Submissions


Fraudulent Payments



Case Study: E-Commerce Platform Chargeback Protection

Global Scale, Advanced Analytics

Our proprietary technology monitors 300 million URLs and apps worldwide, providing a comprehensive view of digital behavior. We use behavioral analysis, digital fingerprinting, and pattern recognition to identify and understand fraudulent activities, continuously evolving to stay ahead of threats.

Key Features:

Real-Time IP Risk Scoring

Quickly assess the risk of each IP address with our real-time IP Risk API, making informed decisions to protect your e-commerce platform.

Simplified API Integration

Integrate our solutions effortlessly into your e-commerce platform, enabling seamless fraud prevention without complexity.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage our vast network and advanced analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of each transaction’s risk profile. 

Benefits of Fraudlogix for E-Commerce

Choose Fraudlogix for a simplified, effective approach to fraud prevention. With our global coverage and easy integration, you can secure your transactions and provide a better experience for your customers. Contact us to learn more about how we can enhance your e-commerce security.

Global Coverage

Protect your platform with our extensive monitoring across 300 million URLs and apps.

Streamlined Fraud Prevention

Simplify your fraud management with our straightforward API and clear insights.

Cost-Effective Security

Maximize your resources by focusing on high-risk transactions and minimizing false positives.

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