Improve Programmatic Traffic Quality

Prevent bots and ad fraud in mobile, display, in-app, video, and CTV environments. Place one line of code in any platform as a third-party tracking tag.
IP BlocklistPixel Solution (Free)


IPs Actively Committing Ad Fraud

IP Blocklist Solution

A global community of over 300 million URLs and Apps collectively catching bots. Access the most comprehensive blocklist in the industry, which updates hourly from live traffic with a 6% daily change.

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4-in-1 Pixel Solution

Bot Detection

Are your ads being seen by actual humans?

Brand Safety

Are your ads appearing on brand-safe sites and apps?


Are your ads within view?

Domain Spoofing

Are your ads running on the correct sites?

Plans and Pricing

40 Billion

Ad Requests Monitored Monthly

300 Million

URLs and Apps Monitored Monthly


Global Digital Population Coverage