Ensure Traffic Quality by Protecting Your Affiliate Program From Fraud

The success of any affiliate program hinges on its scalability and growth potential. With Fraudlogix solutions, you can confidently accept traffic from any source.

Affiliate Solutions for:


Fake Leads, Sales & Installs


Click Fraud IP Blocklist


Invalid Traffic (IVT)


Brand Safety & Compliance

Easy Integration

Whether you’re an affiliate platform, in lead generation or managing owned and operated web properties, integrating Fraudlogix is simple, offering both API and JavaScript solutions.

Real-Time Decisions

Fraudulent clicks, leads, sales, and install transactions are flagged before the affiliate confirmation pixels fire.

Quality Reports

See detailed reporting on sources, sub-sources, referring URLs, and activity within the Fraudlogix UI or via API.

Fake Leads, Sales & Installs

Measure the quality of your affiliate partners in real-time, preventing affiliate fraud and lowering CPAs. Fraudlogix identifies fraud in cost per click, cost per lead, cost per sale, and cost per install campaigns, addressing challenges such as fraudulent traffic and lead generation fraud.


IPs Actively Committing Ad Fraud

Click Fraud (IP Blocklist)

Combat click fraud in real time with the support of a global bot detection community. Gain access to the industry’s most extensive IP blocklist, updated hourly based on live traffic with a daily change rate of 6%. This empowers enterprises to effectively block bot traffic and prevent click fraud.


Invalid Traffic (IVT) represents a significant threat, jeopardizing the integrity of ad campaigns and affiliate programs. Fraudlogix provides extensive IVT solutions for both GIVT and SIVT aimed at protecting your campaigns from various types of non-human traffic to prevent unnecessary expenditure and ensure accurate performance measurement.

Brand Safety & Compliance

Monitor affiliates’ sites and ensure brand-content alignment to protect your reputation and performance. Fraudlogix is the first in affiliate fraud detection technology, offering customizable, brand-specific category/content monitoring to safeguard against affiliate scams.

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