A Bot Attack on One, Equals Protection for All

Access the most comprehensive IP blocklist of non-human traffic in the industry. Collective protection from our community of programmatic and affiliate marketers working together to eliminate bots and ad fraud across 300+million URLs and apps.


IPs Actively Committing Ad Fraud


daily change via hourly updates from live input

The Industry’s Solution to Bots

Prevent bots, automated scripts, and non-human traffic. Use the IP Blocklist on an unlimited amount of traffic with zero latency.

How Does the Blocklist Work?

Want to strengthen existing fraud blocking efforts in CTV, mobile in-app, mobile web, and desktop? Need to improve vendor/client relationships? Download the most frequently updated global feed of high-risk IPs in digital marketing.


Start via API or download of entire IP blocklist file and host in your environment.


See IPs scored by reason and risk level (medium, high, or extreme).


Use shared knowledge to protect ad spend, reputation, and performance.

Global Data Scope

Fraudlogix technology collects live data from the online advertising ecosystem, providing a detailed view of the fraud landscape through partnerships with digital advertising platforms.


Unique Devices


URLs & Apps




Digital Population

Device ID Blocklist

Did you know some device IDs are fraudulently entered into the bidstream to increase CPM rates? This results in misrepresented audiences, bots, and poor campaign performance.

~12 Million Device IDs Identified

Risk Level and Reason Provided

Access Real Time Data via API

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