IP Risk Score

Our IP Risk Scoring system operates in real-time, providing instant risk evaluations for each IP address. This swift assessment enables you to quickly identify and mitigate potential threats, safeguarding your digital assets and user experiences. 

Granular Risk Analysis for Accurate Insights

We employ a comprehensive approach to determine the risk score of an IP address, analyzing factors such as historical behavior, geographical location, associated devices, and network reputation. This granular analysis ensures a nuanced and precise risk assessment, enabling you to differentiate between genuine and malicious interactions effectively.

Seamless Integration and Tailored Scoring

Integrating our IP Risk Scoring solution into your existing infrastructure is seamless, thanks to our simple API integration. We offer customizable scoring thresholds to align with your specific risk tolerance and operational requirements. This flexibility ensures that our solution integrates effortlessly into your security framework, providing tailored protection.

Global Scale

Leverage the power of our extensive network, covering 300 million URLs and apps, to assess IP risks on a worldwide scale.

Enhanced Security

Proactively identify and prevent fraudulent activities by pinpointing high-risk IPs, enhancing the overall security of your platform. 

Informed Decision-Making

Leverage real-time risk scores to make informed decisions, optimizing your fraud prevention efforts and operational efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

Focus your security resources on high-risk IPs, reducing unnecessary expenditures and improving cost efficiency. 

Improved User Experience

Accurately distinguish between risky and safe IPs, minimizing false positives and ensuring a seamless experience for legitimate users. 

Versatile Use Cases for Comprehensive Protection

Our IP Risk Scoring solution is not just limited to assessing IP risks; it serves as a foundational tool for addressing a wide range of digital threats. Here’s how it can be applied across various use cases to bolster your fraud prevention strategy:


Identify and block malicious bot activity by analyzing IP behavior, ensuring your digital interactions are with genuine users.

Invalid Traffic (IVT)

Reduce the impact of non-human traffic on your advertising and analytics by pinpointing IPs associated with IVT.

Click Fraud

Protect your advertising budget by detecting and preventing fraudulent clicks originating from high-risk IPs. 

Fake Lead Submissions

Prevent form spam and fraudulent submissions by validating the IP risk score of each interaction. 

Fraudulent Payments

Secure your payment processes by assessing the risk of IP addresses involved in transactions, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized payment

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Enhance your cyber threat intelligence by incorporating IP risk scores into your analysis, allowing for proactive threat detection and mitigation. By integrating our IP Risk Scoring solution, you can effectively address these critical areas, ensuring a comprehensive approach to digital fraud prevention and enhancing the security of your online operations. 

Empower Your Fraud Prevention with Fraudlogix IP Risk Scoring

Elevate your fraud prevention strategy with our IP Risk Scoring solution. Contact us today to discover how we can help you navigate the complexities of IP risk assessment and protect your business from the ever-changing landscape of digital threats.

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