When it comes to your affiliate campaigns, you probably consider how engaging they are. You’ll pay attention to how dynamic and on-brand they are. You’ll be excited for how profitable they can be. But there’s one more thing you should think of when you’re preparing your affiliate campaigns: how safe from fraud they are.

Why are affiliate campaigns susceptible to fraud?

In any good affiliate campaign, the affiliates who work to promote a business or product strive to send more future customers your way. You make a deal with each of your affiliates – for every lead, install, sign-up, sale or other action you want from your ad campaigns, they’ll receive a commission. These campaigns can be great for business owners and advertisers who want to reach new customers, and for the online marketers who serve as affiliates and get paid for successfully advertising your poducts and services to their audience. But running affiliates campaigns can also leave you vulnerable to becoming a victim of affiliate ad campaign fraud.
Dishonest affiliate marketers are able to send traffic that’s anything but profitable your way. You’ll see an increase in site traffic and an influx of leads, but your sales may not improve at all. Why? Because affiliate ad fraud sends traffic from bots, malware, and automated scripts – instead of traffic coming from a real person – to your site. To add insult to injury, you, the owner/advertiser will unknowingly end up compensating the affiliate fraudsters. Often, by the time the fraud is caught, you may be left dealing with a ton of useless leads, lost payouts and a lot of frustration.

Is an IP address dangerous to your affiliate campaign?

If an IP address has been found to consistently generate fraudulent traffic, it’s no good. If an IP address starts to produce more fake traffic than real traffic, it may be compromised. If an IP address is already on a block list, it shouldn’t get through. At Fraudlogix, we have a set of criteria for evaluating the legitimacy of an IP address and determining if it’s fraudulent or if it’s safe for your website. Our Live IP Blocklist can help you weed out the IP addresses that are associated with ad fraud, and prevent affiliate fraud within your campaigns. With 1.2 billion unique devices, 640 million individual users, and 300 million URLS monitored by our fraud-detection solutions each month, we at Fraudlogix identify the red flags and traffic anomalies that can hurt affiliate campaigns.

Block ad fraud for good

Most affiliates don’t resort to fraud, but there’s always the risk of running into one who does. With our Live IP Blocklist and our other ad fraud solutions, you can keep the fraud away from your online advertising campaigns and safeguard your affiliate partnerships. Contact us today for a quote or to find out more about how we can help you block fraudulent IP addresses. Before affiliate fraud ruins your next ad campaign, safeguard it with solutions from Fraudlogix.