Do you have time to worry about bots? Of course not. Whether you’re building up your website, managing orders, coming up with new marketing ideas, or handling the day-to-day needs of your business or brand, you’re pretty busy as it is. You don’t have a lot of time to clean up extra messes. But that’s what bots can cause, and they can end up setting your business and your ad campaigns back drastically. 

Like most technological advancements made in the online world over the past decade, bots have gotten smarter, faster, and more prevalent. When talking about the beneficial bots out there, this is good news. But when it comes to the bad bots, the ones used to scam, steal, and commit ad fraud, the news isn’t so good. Advancements in malicious bot technology have made life easier for fraudulent marketers. With their small bot armies, they can trick businesses, skew marketing results, and get away with good chunks of an advertising budget.  

That’s why bot prevention technology has had to adapt, staying ahead of the bots at every turn. Protecting all your platforms – your website, your social media pages, and any place you publish content or run ads. Detecting and thwarting malicious bot activity is more important than ever. Fortunately, bot solution vendors have been paying attention to fraudulent bot activity and can stop them by: 

Blocking Known Bots

If fraudsters know something works, they’ll try to use it – and keep trying to use it. There are many sources of harmful bot activity that have already been identified. IP addresses associated with bot activity used in ad fraud have been flagged worldwide. Fraudulent marketers count on you not knowing this, and they may use the same fraudulent bot generators with each new client. However, when you have an excellent bot prevention blocklist installed, these known bots will be automatically blocked before they can start any trouble. 

Monitoring Data

Having your website data monitored and analyzed is essential in stopping any new bot activity that tries to infiltrate your platform. Since ad fraudsters think they can make money with very little actual work, they will often keep trying with new and different bots that haven’t made the blocklist yet. Signs of harmful bot activity can include: 

  • Unusual traffic patterns 
  • Brief page-view times
  • Bounced visitor info
  • Low conversion-to-view ratios

In other words, you may be getting a lot of activity on your site, but all signs point to it being non-human activity. A flurry of bot views, click, and sign-ups won’t yield results and can harm your site pages. Spotting this sort of bot activity and stopping it is one facet of bot prevention technology. 

Staying Updated 

It’s one thing to have a blocklist and stay vigilant for signs of bot attacks, but ensuring that bot prevention technology covers the most recent threats in ad fraud is incredibly crucial. Because bot scams can evolve quickly, your bot protection solution must grow faster than the bots. Strengthening your ad fraud defenses will enable you to identify and remove the new and malicious bots before they sneak onto your platforms. 

At Fraudlogix, we have fraud protection solutions that can outsmart bots on every platform. If you want to prevent ad fraud in your social media campaigns and affiliate programs and keep your apps, website, and other platforms free of malicious bot activity, we’re the bot solution vendor for you? Contact us today to access our unique data solutions developed for enterprise-level companies in AdTech and MarTech.