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It is important to know who your audience is going to be when tapping into your industry. PublisherFinders.com has worked hard over the last decade to find those who are trustworthy and qualified to help create content for your affiliate program. They make it so that you are able to determine which relevant content creators are going to be best for directing traffic to your website and products.

Here are some of the benefits of using the tools and resources that are offered here at PublisherFinders for your convenience:

1. Access to Publisher Finder’s exclusive and carefully curated affiliate database

The first step to partnering with affiliates and publishers is to find them. It may be difficult to know exactly which content creators, writers, and publishers are perfect for your brand. With the use of their database, you can use the search bar to find what you are looking for. Exclusive access to this affiliate database will speed up your process by giving you immediate access to people and companies who are able to promote your brand’s products today. Publisher Finders fosters a lot of reciprocal affiliate partnerships, company to company.

2. Recruit people who are ready to work

Once you have access to web publishers and affiliate marketers who are in your market niche and interested in promoting your DTC products online, you will be able to connect with them and invite them to start partnering with you immediately as an affiliate publisher in your program. No more worrying about researching who will be the best match for you and your brand because PublisherFinders already has that covered. They want to be able to ensure top-notch quality affiliates that will not just meet your needs but exceed them.

3. Beat the competition

The first two benefits are simple, which means that this third benefit is a no-brainer. Working with the best of the best means partnering with the best of the best. Using their database to find relevant affiliates and super-affiliates who are ready to work with you and your company means that you will be able to partner with relevant content creators who are readily available to join your affiliate program. Of course, you have to have a great outreach email to make this happen. Make sure to offer new affiliates the highest commission possible, especially if they are bringing in 100% new traffic to your website. Having these benefits will make you more competitive in the market and better able to promote your DTC website to an expanded audience and maximize brand awareness and sales. It’s a win-win!

So, what are you waiting for? Utilize this amazing affiliate manager tool that is at your fingertips and start boosting your number of affiliate marketers, publishers, influencers, and partnerships by starting the affiliate recruiting process with Publisher Finders.