You don’t want anything less than the best for your business. The best ad campaigns, the best online advertising methods, the best ways to grow your customer base and the best partnership with affiliates you can trust. If your goal is to succeed, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best, especially when it comes to protecting against online advertising fraud.
Just as the right types of online advertising can be a great investment in the success of your business or brand, the right type of fraud protection matters. There are a lot of threats to your online marketing campaigns, and you, the advertiser, should guard against them. Here’s why:

There are dishonest affiliates and online marketers out there
They might promise you more website traffic. They might look like they have a lot of followers. They might guarantee increased clicks, leads, and installs. But if they’re fraudulent affiliates and online marketers, they might be using fraudulent strategies to get those results. From fake traffic generated by bots, malware, and data centers to fake sales and made-up leads, some untrustworthy marketers will try anything to make a commission and get away with it before you notice. That’s why protecting your ads – and your bottom line, depends on your ability to detect and stop ad fraud in its tracks. With comprehensive ad fraud solutions from Fraudlogix you’ll be able to implement profitable ad campaigns with help from partners you can trust.

Lost time and profits can hurt your business or brand
Once you’ve paid out commissions on those undetected fake clicks, leads, or installs, or when you have to deal with the hassle of fraudulent sales, it will take time and money away from advertising your business or brand and seeing real revenue growth. After dealing with all of that, you may be less enthusiastic about running another ad campaign and may miss out on potential growth and profit that a good campaign can generate. Many types of online advertising can be an excellent revenue booster for any-sized business and any brand, but weeding out fraudulent activity with the best online advertising fraud detection should be a priority to ensure you run into as few bumps as possible.

Ad fraud is preventable
There are some things in business that you just can’t predict or prevent, but ad fraud isn’t one of them. There are many sources of fake traffic and fraudulent activity online, and we at Fraudlogix monitor and protect against them. Our online ad fraud protection solutions allow for:

  • IP blocking that’s backed up by global intelligence
  • Protection against clicks and other actions performed by bots and malware
  • Real time monitoring of fraudulent website conversions
  • Monitoring of affiliate performance quality
  • Real-time scoring of affiliate actions

and more. These solutions let you detect problems and – in some cases – prevent them before any damage can be done to your online ad campaigns.

For the past ten years, we at Fraudlogix have been working to keep the ad fraud out of online advertising. Contact us today to find out more about getting a custom fraud protection solution to safeguard your online ad campaigns and brand, or sign up now for a free test. Get the best online advertising fraud detection services from Fraudlogix.