Streamlined Fraud Prevention for Banking

At Fraudlogix, we excel in delivering straightforward and effective fraud prevention solutions, tailored to meet the banking industry’s unique demands. Learn how our focused approach to combating bots, enhancing authentication for login access, and preventing fraudulent payments operates.

How It Works

Comprehensive Analysis, Tailored for Banking

Our journey in safeguarding banks begins with the deployment of our proprietary technology, embedded across 300 million URLs and apps. This extensive monitoring underpins our analytics, enabling us to understand the complex behaviors of bots and fraudulent entities targeting the banking sector. Leveraging state-of-the-art techniques in behavioral analysis, digital fingerprinting, and pattern recognition, our system continuously evolves, ensuring protection that is not just current but ahead of the curve in the landscape of digital threats. 

Decisions Based on Deep IP Intelligence

After our thorough analysis, we focus on the most actionable intelligence for banks: the IP address. This is crucial because IPs serve as gateways through which potential risks are swiftly and accurately identified. Our real-time API queries assess these IPs against our extensive database, providing instant assessments of their risk levels. This step is essential not just for flagging potential threats but also for ensuring the integrity of legitimate customer interactions, enabling secure and seamless banking transactions. 


Simplified Integration, Powerful Defense

We champion simplicity in an often complex domain. Our API, designed for easy integration with banking infrastructure, delivers real-time insights into potential fraud directly. This approach allows banks to focus on their core operations, alleviating the intricacies of fraud management. A single API call connects your system to our advanced detection capabilities, ensuring a robust defense mechanism is in place without adding complexity to your processes. 


Beyond IP: Comprehensive Risk Assessment

While IP addresses play a central role in our detection strategy, they are part of a broader spectrum of signals we analyze. Our method enriches the simplicity of IP queries with insights drawn from trillions of digital interactions across 300 million URLs and apps, involving close to a billion unique users. This vast and multidimensional analysis ensures our assessments are based on a harmonious blend of data points, providing a comprehensive view of each transaction’s risk profile, meticulously tailored to the banking industry’s needs. 


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