Bots – and we’re talking about the malicious sort – are never good. Unlike the helpful web-crawlers that keep sites visible or the on-site bots that chat with customers and keep pages interactive, fraudulent bots exist only to harm your company’s bottom line. Whether it’s misrepresenting actual views and clicks, slowing down your site, or defrauding you out of ad dollars, these malicious bots have no place in your advertising campaigns. Getting rid of bad bots is good, but blocking them in the first place is even better. Keep reading to learn three bot prevention strategies to limit ad fraud in marketing and advertising technology. 

Secure All Entry Points

Bots can attach themselves to any part of your online presence and sabotage a marketing campaign. Social media pages can be artificially inflated with bots when a campaign is in the hands of a fraudulent marketer who relies on bots to grow an online audience falsely. Bot fraud can also happen anywhere on your website, jeopardizing your customer’s data, your inventory, your site’s performance, and more. That’s why blocking bot fraud activity anywhere it can get in is essential. If you have an alarm system, you wouldn’t put it on only the front door and leave the back doors and windows vulnerable. Bot-blocking is the same idea – block them everywhere with bot prevention solutions

Blocklist Known Bots and Bot IPs

Some bots and bot IP addresses are new – after all, it is a growing type of marketing and ad fraud, but some have been around the web and are known offenders. A good bot prevention solution can provide a bad bot blocklist, blacklisting known fraudsters and traffic from areas known for bot farms and fraudulent bot activity. If you happen to cross paths with a marketing scammer, they can be stopped quickly, and you won’t waste money on ads that did nothing.   

Think Ahead

More and more people are shopping online for more items than ever before. This can mean a growth opportunity for your e-commerce business or online audience. But ad fraudsters have also taken note of this fact and are trying newer and more evasive tricks all of the time. Your bot prevention strategy should be forward-thinking, too – updating how and where it stops the most recent bot threats all of the time. 

Bots are out there, but they don’t have to be on your pages. Keeping malicious bot activity far away from your website, social media pages, and comment sections can keep your advertising campaigns working as they should. Customers can feel assured that they’re not wading into a landmine of bot activity and truly connect with your business or brand as they should. And it can be done when bad bots are blocked. At Fraudlogix, that’s what we do — our bot prevention solutions stop ad fraud from happening every day. Ready to give it a try? Contact us today to get the bot-stopping solution that’s right for you.