Advertising, these days, is about more than just reaching the right audience – preventing ad fraud is a necessary precaution that should be part of any ad campaign. That’s because ad fraud is a booming business in itself. Opportunistic marketers may resort to fraudulent measures to get phony results, and you won’t know it until it’s too late. Learn more about these three ways to combat ad fraud on your platform. Your users will thank you for it! 

Use blocklists. 

No matter your business, there is no doubt that you want to attract real people with your ads, not bots. Bots, or non-human traffic, are a big part of ad fraud. These bots are used to complete actions, such as viewing a page or following an account. Bot prevention solutions such as blocklists can keep fraudulent bot activity away from your ad platforms, so you can be sure that more of those views are coming from real people – the ones your users are paying to reach. 

Monitor your data. 

Working with reputable marketers can help keep ad fraud to a minimum. But no marketer is going to admit to perpetrating fraud upfront. That is why monitoring your platform data and having the capability to measure marketing performance results is so important. A high number of views with little-to-no change in profits is much more suspicious than a steady increase in both views and sales. Spotting signs of bot vendors at work, click fraud, and other ad fraud early can let you stop and block it in time.   

Keep your platform secure. 

A lack of bot prevention on your platform can hurt user performance and damage your reputation. Even with efforts to discourage ad fraud and mitigate damage, fraudsters still sneak through, and bots run wild on platforms every day. Get ahead of ad fraud and bots by stopping them from happening in the first place. Preventing ad fraud with blocklist solutions from Fraudlogix can keep your campaigns running as intended and keep you from wasting money on marketing scams. Contact us today to set up one of our ad fraud detection and bot prevention solutions for your enterprise-level platform.