One of the biggest problems with many digital marketing efforts is that they’re out of sync with the intended goals. Perhaps, the statistics you built your digital advertising strategy upon were misleading or outdated, but somehow and somewhere, your goals didn’t match the plan you put in place.

First, make sure your goals align with the digital marketing strategy you have in place. Common goals may be revenue growth, more leads, more clients or customers, increased brand awareness, and sales. Avoid jumping right into digital marketing metrics such as mailing list size, social media audiences, and interactions. Once the goals you wish to achieve are crystal clear, you will be less likely to stray from your plan.  

Next, you will want to discuss some critical questions with your team:

● What are our revenue goals?

● What is our digital advertising budget?

● Who is interested in what we have to offer?

● Which digital platforms will attract our target audiences?

● How can we increase website traffic, leads, and click rates?

● How can we boost brand awareness?

● How should we stop ad fraud and malicious bot activity?

● How can we increase customer engagement, dialogue, and participation?

● What analytics will help us determine if our goals are met?

Digital marketing efforts weaken when your target audience cannot navigate your website easily. You, of course, want your web visitors to make a purchase, claim their discounts, or sign up for your newsletter without any delays or glitches. Stopping malicious bot activity on your websites should be integral to your game plan.

Today’s analytics will let you measure your success and any bad bot activity occurring on your websites by monitoring the statistics and patterns of engagement. Detecting and stopping non-human traffic can help you distinguish your real visitors from fake ones. Regularly reviewing your data analytics will help you determine if you are achieving your intended goals. While autopilot is an option, paying close attention to how your campaigns are performing will allow for necessary tweaking and refinement and a better overall outcome for your company and your website visitors.

One big obstacle that many companies will have to contend with is malicious bot activity and ad fraud. Bots can, unfortunately, skew KPIs, sabotage your marketing budget and efforts, and disrupt the efficacy of your campaigns. Bad bots can repel customers, leave you with abandoned shopping carts, and degrade your brand. 

Fraudlogix, a leader in AdTech & MarTech fraud protection, offers the most comprehensive blocklist of high-risk IPs. Fraudlogix establishes baselines for normal/real traffic patterns and behaviors, then seeks out anomalies to identify non-human traffic originating from bots, scripts, and hijacked devices. Below are some examples of anomalies that Fraudlogix can detect:

● Inconsistent browser sessions

● Forged user agents

● Geo mismatches

● Bad device reputation

● Proxy usage

● Data Center IP usage 

Bots can drain your company of time, money, and customers and are a considerable concern for digital advertising. Don’t let bots ruin your websites and ad campaigns. Fraudlogix, an experienced, top-rated bot solution vendor, has been building ad fraud solutions since 2010 and is dedicated to eliminating bots and ad fraud. Let Fraudlogix help your business strengthen its ad fraud defenses with unique data solutions developed for enterprise-level companies in AdTech and MarTech. Visit our website today for more information.