Ad fraud is constantly evolving. Malicious bots are flooding the internet, disrupting sales, overloading servers, consuming bandwidth, skewing analytics metrics, stealing user identification and passwords, committing click, conversion, and payment fraud, exposing networks to cyber-attacks, and adversely affecting businesses worldwide.

But it gets a bit tricky because not all bots are detrimental.  Often, bots are a useful tool for monitoring website performance, helping web content get noticed, obtaining RSS feed data, chatting with website visitors, or indexing web pages for changes in content. In other words, when it comes to bots, we can’t live with them, nor can we live without them.

So, what is a bot? The term “bot” is short for “robot,” and it’s a type of software application or script that performs automated tasks over the internet. Bot traffic describes any non-human traffic to a website or an app. Unfortunately, bots are also prone to abuse by unscrupulous programmers, and can have a ruinous effect on the infrastructure of websites and applications.

When bots are employed to steal information from websites, post spam comments, install malware, or imitate ad views and clicks, businesses not only lose funds invested in digital ad campaigns but also customers and sales when shopping carts are abandoned because of website slowdowns from bot traffic.

As hackers become more technologically sophisticated and brazen, businesses must be prepared to effectively identify and thwart harmful bot activity to protect the infrastructure of their websites and applications – and more importantly, the trust and loyalty of their vendors and customers.

Fraudlogix, a leader in ad fraud solutions since 2010, provides robust solutions with an emphasis on flat-fee pricing, offering its clients an affordable strategy for  monitoring 100% of their website traffic vs. having to sample to keep costs down.

For over a decade, Fraudlogix has been entrusted with the monitoring of web traffic for ad tech’s largest platforms, networks, and exchanges. Fraudlogix’s strength is in its scale — providing cutting-edge threat intelligence that can quickly detect and deter fraudulent traffic.

Fraudlogix analyzes an extensive amount of data and can effectively identify fraudulent sources of traffic. Its IP blocklist is made up of  millions of flagged IP addresses that can threaten websites and digital ad campaigns. The IP Blocklist can be used on an unlimited amount of traffic with zero latency to help block ad fraud for good! Fraudlogix offers a FREE test of the IP Blocklist. To gain access to the free blocklist trial, fill out the form and a rep will be in touch to get you started.

Don’t let malicious bots sabotage your business and your brand. Contact Fraudlogix today to learn how to protect your company against bad bots, automated scripts, and non-human traffic.