Part of running a website or an app is managing bot traffic and utilizing tools to keep malicious bots at bay, like an IP blocklist. But, what does that mean, and how do you use one effectively?

Bot traffic is traffic generated by a computer program to your website or app. It describes any non-human traffic or activity. Bot traffic can be good, malicious, or neutral. It can deliver critical analytics, enrich a user’s experience, or take an entire operation down. That’s why it’s essential to know how to manage your bot traffic and what tools are available to help.

What is a Bot IP Blocklist?

A bot IP blocklist blocks illegitimate or malicious IP addresses from accessing your website or app. Some bot traffic is welcome, like search engine spiders that crawl your website content and index your pages or keep track of your unique monthly visitors, page views, and demographics. But IP addresses with a track record of malicious activity should not be granted access to your website.

An IP address may appear on an IP blocklist when used in connection with:

  • spam emails
  • malware
  • domain hijacking
  • phishing scams

Spam has been an ongoing and persistent problem for as long as there has been an internet. An operation of those proportions requires a lot of bot activity—and IP addresses. An IP blocklist is the industry’s solution to malicious bot traffic. Rather than play whack-a-mole trying to catch suspicious activity on your server and then banning the IP address from coming back, an IP blocklist pre-emptively blocks addresses deemed suspicious or actively malicious.

The IP blocklist prevents bots, automated scripts, and non-human traffic from accessing your website or app, eliminating the potential for cybersecurity attacks, spam, or phony analytics.

How to Use a Bot IP Blocklist

There are currently over 9,000,000 IPs actively committing ad fraud across the World Wide Web. That’s a lot of IPs to track down and block from accessing your API. Fraudlogix is an expert resource providing bot solutions to some of tech’s most prominent platforms. They’re also home to the most comprehensive IP blocklist of non-human traffic in the industry.

Harnessing the industry’s collective knowledge to eliminate bots and ad fraud, Fraudlogix has the most frequently updated global feed of high-risk IPs in digital marketing. When you download the IP blocklist, you will have access to the millions of known and suspected malicious IP addresses, scored by risk level, from medium to high to extreme. Just upload the bot IP blocklist from Fraudlogix to your server and be instantly protected from malicious bot attacks from those addresses.

IP blocklisting (sometimes referred to as blacklisting) is just one way to make managing your bot traffic more — well, manageable. A bot manager allows good bots access to your API while blocking the fraudulent or malicious bots.

Fraudlogix has been building ad fraud solutions since 2010, and they monitor 300 million URLs and apps monthly for suspicious bot activity. That accounts for 30 percent of the global digital population! When it comes to bot management, Fraudlogix knows that web admins, developers, and marketers need to know how much traffic they’re getting and whether it’s a human or a bot behind it.