How To Avoid Failing At Affiliate Marketing In 2024?

The iGaming industry has had to focus on a number of changes in the area of affiliate marketing –  as a result of regulatory and advertising changes. (Wladimir P./European Gaming)

The US TikTok Ban: Potential Fallout for Affiliates and Affiliate Managers

While the situation remains fluid, the possibility of a major platform like Tik Tok disappearing has Affiliates and Affiliate Managers scrambling to understand the implications. (Emma Roberts at Affiverse, Lisa Riolo at, Jim Nichols at Exclamation Marketing)

Defense Is The Best Offense: Domain Names’ Role In Brand Protection

The responsibility to protect one’s brand from bad actors has always existed. With the commercialization of the Internet over 20 years ago, the importance of brand protection has been ever-growing. (Phil Lodico at GoDaddy Corporate Domains/Forbes)

Why Alphabet Might Acquire HubSpot: Data, Data And More Data

If Alphabet were to buy HubSpot, it would come with a hefty price when interest rates are high. Experts discuss what HubSpot assets might interest Google’s parent company most. (Don Fluckinger/TechTarget)

Inside X’s Latest Efforts To Make Advertisers Believe It’s A Platform That’s Safe For Brands

X, formerly Twitter, is once again telling advertisers it’s serious about brand safety. Cue the eye rolls and déjà vu from marketers who’ve been on this merry-go-round since Elon Musk’s reign began in 2022. (Krystal Scanlon/Digiday)

Interpublic Group Duo Sued In A Case Alleging ‘Misappropriation’ Of ID Data

Two entities within Madison Avenue giant Interpublic Group have been named defendants in a court case in which plaintiff Adstra alleges that Kinesso and Acxiom conspired to develop a competing identity-resolution product unfairly. (Ronan Shields and Michael Bürgi/Digiday)

Innovid Wants To Create Harmony Within The CTV Supply Chain

Connected TV supply paths are anything but stable. TV inventory shrinks as supply paths proliferate, and programmatic platforms are disintermediating each other despite claiming not to. (Alyssa Boyle/AdExchanger)

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Having A ‘Glow Up’ And Other Key Takeaways From New Data On Creator Income Streams In 2024

Creator earnings are predicted to rise by 16.5% in 2024, new data by Emarketer found. Even though brand deals are still the main source of income, affiliate marketing is on the rise. (Shriya Bhattacharya/Business Insider – Subscription Required)

Media Briefing: Publishers’ Audience Authentication Strategies Are Put To The Test

Publishers are seeing how much more valuable authenticated audiences are compared to random passersby visiting their sites. (Kayleigh Barber/Digiday – Subscription Required)

Brands Paid For Ads On Some Ran On A Copycat Site Instead.

Forbes for years ran an alternate version of its website where it packed ads that were intended to run on, another sign that brands don’t always get what they pay for in the opaque digital-advertising market. (Patience Haggin/WSJ – Subscription Required)

ID Spoofing Dents Campaign Performance

Basis Technologies found that for campaigns where identity was harder to trace, conversions were likely to be lower. The clandestine swapping out of IDs in cookieless environments without consent hampers the campaign performance, data shows. Go figure. (Catherine Perloff/Adweek – Registration Required)