The IAB’s flagship Annual Leadership Meeting is typically where the trade body outlines its key priorities for the year ahead; a reflection of the challenges unsettling the constituents of the $600 billion online advertising industry. (Ronan Shields and Tim Peterson/Digiday – Limited Access)

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday that Publicis Health, one of the largest global health advertising agencies, will pay $350 million to settle allegations it “developed predatory and deceptive marketing strategies” for Purdue Pharma opioids, which the attorney general’s office called the first settlement of its kind involving an advertising agency. (Cailey Gleeson/Forbes)

Marketers are on the precipice of a new dawn as the biggest company in media prepares to pull the plug on third-party cookies, the cornerstone of the $600 billion online media business, in Google Chrome. (Ronan Shields/Digiday – Limited Access)

Wall Street wanted profits. Big Tech delivered. That was the case for Google, Meta, Microsoft, Apple and – more than any other US tech giant – Amazon. (James Hercher/AdExchanger)

Third-party cookies in Chrome are headed for extinction, but you wouldn’t know it from speaking to marketers. Everyone’s got a plan to weather the storm — or perhaps even take advantage of it. That includes in-game advertising companies, who are projecting confidence rather than doubt as the cookiepocalypse moves forward. (Alexander Lee/Digiday – Limited Access)

VideoAmp joins TVision, HyphaMetrics and ACRCloud among Nielsen targets. (Jack Neff/AdAge – Subscription Required)

Apple has tossed another crumb to investors wondering when the world will get to see some ‘Made in Cupertino’ GenAI: Expect Apple to reveal what it’s been working on in this buzzy slice of artificial intelligence “later this year”, per CEO Tim Cook. (Natasha Lomas/TechCrunch)

OK But Really, Are Third-Party Cookies Going To Be Gone From Google’s Chrome By The End Of 2024?

As Google phases out third-party cookies in Chrome, the idea of them disappearing by the end of the year has become about as clear as a foggy day in London. (Seb Joseph and Julia Tabisz/Digiday – Limited Access)

The 2024 Ad-Tech Battleground: Identity And Politics

As we collectively wade into 2024—crafting budgets, plans and strategies for the year ahead—there are two events for which we must prepare: cookie deprecation and the U.S. elections. (Ariel Deitz/Adweek)