Working with trusted sellers, optimizing supply-side partnerships and mastering log-level data could save marketers tens of billions of dollars, the trade group said. (Peter Adams/Marketing Dive)

The industrywide practice of complaining about the programmatic ecosystem might be as commonplace as not leaving the couch for five days during the last week of December. (Catherine Perloff/Adweek)

Change is in the wind as the digital media sector descends on the halls and meeting rooms of the Consumer Electronics Show this week. (Digiday Editors)

The total will represent a 11% increase over 2023, which saw a mobile ad spend of $362 billion, according to’s State of Mobile report. (Aaron Baar/Marketing Dive)

While 2023’s return to fiscal responsibility made for rough waters, it will pale in comparison to 2024. (Scott Messer, Messer Media/AdExchanger)

As policymakers and businesses continue discussing possible regulation around AI, 2024 will also be another big year for data privacy. (Marty Swant/WorkLife)

After years of fierce debate, much handwringing, and political point-scoring (not to mention delays), it seems Google Chrome is now on course to pull support for third-party cookies by the end of the year. (Ronan Shields/Digiday)

VideoAmp isn’t feeling as amped up about its future as it was last year. The startup may have established itself as one of the top alternative currency contenders for measuring TV ads in 2023, but the pressure to win market share is causing cracks in its shiny facade. (Alyssa Boyle/AdExchanger)

How winners and losers could shake out in retail media, streaming TV and social commerce. (Peter Adams, Jessica Deyo, Chris Kelly, and Sara Karlovitch/Marketing Dive – Registration Required)

Disney is betting it can woo buyers with programmatic and measurement. At CES in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Disney announced the availability of combined Disney+ and Hulu ad campaigns for brands in the US during its fourth annual (and first in-person) Tech & Data Showcase. (Alyssa Boyle/AdExchanger)

An important note for Facebook advertisers, with Meta announcing that it’ll be removing and/or consolidating some of its detailed ad targeting options, either because they’re not widely used, are too granular, or they relate to topics that “people may perceive as sensitive.” (Andrew Hutchinson/Social Media Today)

The Chrome Privacy Sandbox, Google’s petri dish for testing and developing privacy-preserving ad targeting and measurement, has become the rope in a game of tug of war. (James Hercher/AdExchanger)

The Ad Innovation Accelerator integrates digital technologies to help connect brands with viewers on ad-supported streaming services. (Sara Karlovitch/Marketing Dive)

Streamers, including Netflix, flocked to CES this week to strut their stuff in front of advertisers. On Wednesday, Netflix shared another update on viewer numbers for its ad-supported tier. (Alyssa Boyle/AdExchanger)