MRC has issued updated guidelines for detecting and filtering IVT in digital advertising. These guidelines aim to improve the accuracy and transparency of identifying fraudulent traffic, benefiting advertisers and the industry. (Joe Mandese/MediaDailyNews)

The importance of cutting ad buys that do not meet campaign objectives. Highlighting the need for advertisers to focus on quality over quantity in programmatic advertising, emphasizing the impact of strategic ad placements on campaign success. (Joe Mandese/Mediapost)

The article urges marketers to shift from vanity metrics to meaningful collaboration with publishers for better advertising outcomes and a healthier ecosystem. (Anthony Vargas/Adexchanger)

M&A experts speculate on potential tech giants to acquire TikTok, with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook topping the list. The article explores the strategic fit and motivations behind these companies’ interest. (Trishla Ostwal/Adweek – Subscription required)

Discussing the best strategies to boost performance marketing using data insights, automation, mobile optimization, influencer partnerships, and content strategy to enhance affiliate marketing. (Affiverse)

Working Together To Protect Affiliate Revenue

Discussing collaboration efforts to safeguard affiliate revenue. It emphasizes the importance of industry partnerships in combating fraud and maintaining trust in affiliate marketing. (Sarah Ruzgar/Affiliate Window)

Premium publishers are partnering with content farms for quick programmatic revenue, risking brand safety and audience trust. (Allison Schiff/Adexchanger)

How brands are future-proofing their TikTok and social media strategies, focusing on evolving content formats and audience engagement tactics to stay relevant in a rapidly changing digital landscape. (Digiday)