The holidays are for family. And for 23andMe, the hope is that all the time spent with family will get people thinking about how genetics influence health. (Anthony Vargas/AdExchanger)

IBM on Thursday said it had immediately suspended all advertising on Elon Musk-owned X after a report found its ads were placed next to content promoting Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. (Yuvraj Malik, David Gaffen, and Lisa Shumaker/Reuters)

Media, entertainment and other marketers have pulled advertising from X/Twitter in the wake of remarks made by Elon Musk, owner and chief technology officer of X. (Wayne Friedman/MediaPost)

Here’s a mouthful: The Google Chrome team has announced a “deprecation trial” so some third-party vendors can retain legacy services that depend on third-party cookies when cookie deprecation happens next year. (AdExchanger)

With apologies to the legendary David Ogilvy, advertising today is no longer simply “the business of words.” Though one might be forgiven for not realizing it given the genuine excitement and abundance of public discourse produced by the growth of generative AI tools built on Large Language Models. (Konrad Feldman, Quantcast/AdExchanger)

In an exclusive chat with Campaign, former Y&R and Publicis CEO Matthew Godfrey explains how generative AI and MediaMonks’ digital-first approach lured him back to the ad world. (Shawn Lim/Campaign Asia)

The industry-first initiative brings together clients of WPP’s media-buying arm to accelerate their understanding of Privacy Sandbox APIs. (Chris Kelly/Marketing Dive)

CTV advertising is experiencing some growing pains, especially in its convoluted supply chain. Issues include auction duplication from header-bidding products and a blend of high- and low-quality ad products that obfuscate what media buyers get for their money. (Hana Yoo/AdExchanger)

Media layoffs are back, dragging the never-ending drama of brand safety with them. This déjà vu has hit hard for many media execs, particularly those connected to Jezebel. (Seb Joseph and Krystal Scanlon/Digiday)

Media and ad tech companies won’t rest until they’ve convinced advertisers that streaming is a good place for performance marketing. (Alyssa Boyle/AdExchanger)

Big TV station groups continue to see the greatest downside with affiliate revenue as a result of more pay TV cord-cutting, a Wells Fargo report says. (Wayne Friedman/MediaPost)

YouTube is making a behind-the-scenes effort to allow more advertisers to buy ads on YouTube Shorts – and only on Shorts. (Alyssa Boyle/AdExchanger)

In mid-September, what is arguably the most impactful trial in the history of the internet kicked off with the Justice Department taking aim at Google’s market-dominating search empire, and after this week’s proceedings, some think the government will emerge victorious. (Ronan Shields/Digiday)