Amid a push for supply-path optimization (SPO), demand-side platforms are going directly to publishers and, in many cases, cutting out supply-side platforms in the process. (Anthony Vargas/AdExchanger)

The Justice Department’s antitrust battle with Google is nearing its halfway point, and this week, Justice Amit P. Mehta’s D.C. courtroom heard more from advertisers — a ‘unique take’ on proceedings that have generated headlines dominated by Big Tech scions. (Ronan Shields/Digiday)

There’s been a burst of reports about new subscription-based, ad-free social media products. (Looking at you, Facebook.) The New York Times is bringing open auction programmatic back to its mobile app, Insider reports. (AdExchanger)

TikTok is the latest technology company to counter misinformation after the European Union began taking action last week, alerting the CEOs of YouTube, Meta, and X of violations. (Laurie Sullivan/MediaPost)

The brand safety risk of advertising on trusted news sites isn’t only overblown – it doesn’t exist. Reliable, high-quality news sources that aren’t intentionally polarizing deserve ad dollars – full stop, says Vanessa Otero, CEO and founder of Ad Fontes Media, a startup that rates the news for bias and reliability, speaking on this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks. (Allison Schiff/AdExchanger)

Since the dawn of programmatic advertising, unscrupulous publishers have been devising ways to manipulate digital ad auctions, getting brands to spend money to run ads without putting in the work to develop content that actually brings in viewers. (Catherine Perloff/Adweek)

A study commissioned by the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) over the summer suggests the TV industry still can’t agree on the point of panels. (Alyssa Boyle/AdExchanger)

Dentsu has struck deals with seven major media companies to do deals on the basis of its own, proprietary media allocation system, Dentsu Senior Vice President U.S. National Video Innovation Brad Stockton said during a presentation at the Advertising Research Foundation’s CIMM (Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement) in New York City Wednesday afternoon. (Joe Mandese/MediaPost)

Addressing The Risky Business Of “High-Risk” Data Activities

Remember when the ad industry glommed onto the phrase “Data is the new oil”? Well, sensitive data is crude oil, at least from the perspective of any marketer who might want to collect and use it. The process of refining crude oil is dangerous and should be conducted with extreme care. (Allison Schiff/AdExchanger)

Google Endorses Online Safety Law, Ban On Targeted Ads To Minors

Google on Monday urged lawmakers to require companies to take minors’ “best interests” into account when designing services, and to prohibit companies from serving personalized ads to teens — including ads targeted based on a minor’s age, gender or interests. (Wendy Davis/MediaPost)

Narrative, Snowflake and TTD Take Data Marketplace Sales To The Cloud

Data for sale? Take it to the cloud. That’s the new approach with a partnership between Snowflake, The Trade Desk (TTD) and data marketplace tech vendor Narrative, which announced a new joint product to make it feasible for practically any company with data stored on Snowflake to make that data available in TTD’s marketplace. (James Hercher/AdExchanger)