Got bots?

We’ve spent over a decade monitoring traffic for some of the largest AdTech and MarTech platforms, networks, and exchanges. Fraudlogix’s strength is in our scale and supply-side focus — giving us immeasurable threat intelligence to detect what’s REAL and what’s NOT quickly.

Fraudlogix Pixel is Placed

Our clients place one universal pixel in their ad creative or ad tag for real-time monitoring.

pixel collects traffic data

The pixel “touches” end users to collect digital and behavioral data for analysis.

Traffic is Analyzed in Real Time

Scores for seller, publisher, domain, advertiser, campaign and placement are provided via UI, API or email.

Data is Integrated Directly

Clients typically use the scores to create white & blocklists in their prebid or ad serving environments.


We establish baselines for what normal/real traffic patterns and behaviors look like. Over 40 different anomalies are then identified and assigned weights based on type and severity to identify traffic originating from bots, scripts, and hijacked devices.

Examples of Anomalies:

  • Inconsistent browser sessions
  • Forged user agents
  • Geo mismatches
  • Bad device reputation
  • Proxy usage
  • Data Center IP usage

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World’s largest independent traffic monitoring engine.

Devices Monitored Monthly

Across 300+ million URLs and Apps


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