Hourly Updates

Pre-bid blocking via live feed of high-risk IPs

Flexible Pricing

Flat monthly fee with no volume limitations

Zero Latency

Host the files and access via API or download

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Fraudlogix javascript code is embedded on 300+ million URLs and apps, monitoring 1 billion unique users monthly.

IPs that consistently generate high volumes of fake ad traffic and installs are identified and added to our IP Block List.

This list updates hourly with a medium, high, or extreme propensity level for fraudulent traffic identified.

IPlogix™ Block List is integrated into your environment through API or download for preventative blocking.


IPlogix™ Features


We combine fraud intelligence from all of our clients across the affiliate and programmatic ecosystem.

Global Feed

Fraudlogix monitors over 1 billion unique users across 300+ million URLs and apps monthly, accounting for 30% of the world’s online population. 

Risk Score Assessment

IPs make it to the list by consistently generating a large percentage of fake traffic. We include a risk score (medium, high, or extreme) so you can control what’s blocked.

Live Data

We detect and identify traffic that’s generated by bots, GIVT/SIVT, automated scripts, malware, and non-human traffic.

Hourly Updates

IPs are constantly being added or removed based on current input from the affiliate and programmatic ecosystem. IPlogix™ block list is updated every hour.

Zero Latency

None. The full IPlogix™ block list file is hosted within your platform as a live feed that is updated hourly.

Flat Fee Pricing

We offer flat-fee pricing, which allows you to use it on an unlimited amount of traffic/transactions. Contact us for a customized quote.

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300+ Million

URLs and Apps


1 Billion

Unique Users


4+ Million

Unique IP Addresses


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