Improve Programmatic Traffic Quality

Prevent bots and ad fraud in mobile, display, in-app, video, and CTV environments. Place one line of code in any platform as a third-party tracking tag.
IP BlocklistPixel Solution


IPs Actively Committing Ad Fraud

IP Blocklist Solution

A global community of over 300 million websites and apps collectively catching bots. Access the most comprehensive blocklist in the industry, which updates hourly from live traffic with a 6% daily change.

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4-in-1 Pixel Solution

Bot Detection

Are your ads being seen by actual humans?

Brand Safety

Are your ads appearing on brand-safe sites and apps?


Are your ads within view?

Domain Spoofing

Are your ads running on the correct sites?

Plans and Pricing

1 Billion

Users Monitored Monthly

300+ Million

URLs and Apps Monitored


Digital Population Coverage