Fraudlogix offers a suite of fraud prevention and quality management solutions for the performance marketing space. Stop fraudulent affiliate actions, including:

  • Lead Fraud
  • App Install Fraud
  • Sales Fraud
  • Click Fraud

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Fraud Prevention

Stop fraud before it happens by blocking high-risk traffic at the click level.

Real-Time Action

Score the quality of your affiliate leads, installs, and actions in real-time.

Partner Insights

Monitor affiliates’ performance and changes in quality over time.

Detailed Reporting

Analyze all transactions, sources, and sub-sources across multiple variables.

We offer multiple solutions based on your environment.

IP Block List Solution
  • Block fake traffic.
  • Zero latency.
  • Benefit from global intelligence.
How it Works

The Fraudlogix javascript code is embedded on 300+ million URLs and apps, monitoring 1 billion unique users monthly.

IPs that generate high volumes of fake ad traffic and installs are identified and added to a list, which updates hourly.

The list is integrated directly into your platform, allowing you to block clicks and actions from known fraudulent sources (e.g., bots, automated scrips, and malware).

Pixel-Based & S2S Solutions
  • Full dashboard reporting.
  • Identify fraud to the affiliate, sub-affiliate, and transaction level.
  • Detailed reports on why transactions are being flagged.
How it Works

Place the Fraudlogix pixel on your landing page, connect with us via your tracking platform’s API, or post data to us server-to-server.

Fraudlogix monitors traffic in real time and identifies fraudulent conversions.

View detailed reports in the Fraudlogix dashboard to identify fraudulent traffic partners and their transactions. See reporting on why transactions were flagged.