Fraud detection and reporting for mobile app install (CPI), action-based (CPA), and lead generation (CPL) campaigns.

Identify Fraudulent App Installs, Actions, and Leads from Affiliate Performance Marketing Partners.

Flag Transactions from Bots, Automated Scripts, and Human-Generated Fraud.

Get Detailed Analysis of Traffic from Sources and Sub Sources.


User clicks to install app and is sent to the Apple or Google Play Store to download.

App Store sends download data to measurement platform (Cake, Adjust, Tune, etc.) or internal server.

Fraudlogix connects to measurement platform via S2S connection. Installs are analyzed and results delivered in real-time.

Reporting on install quality scores, source scores, activity, and  location available within Fraudlogix dashboard or via API.


Fraudlogix pixel placed onto the conversion button or thank you page.

Pixel touches the end user and collects digital and behavioral data

Leads are scored in real-time and can be sent to different landing pages based on results.

Data integrated directly into client’s environment.

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