The percentage of ad fraud impressions in Germany and the UK dropped last quarter while the United States climbed to just over 15%, according to new research from Fraudlogix, a trusted leader in digital bot prevention for over a decade. View additional country percentages in our series, Bot and Ad Fraud Stats.

Each quarter, Fraudlogix provides research through global ad request monitoring across over 300 million URLs and Apps. Data from this report includes over 35 billion ad impressions across all device types. To identify traffic originating from bots, scripts, and hijacked devices, Fraudlogix uses proprietary methodology developed to protect some of the largest platforms in AdTech and MarTech.  

This report is part of ongoing research designed to enhance the global effort to stop bots and represents fraud percentages in digital advertising. Contact us for more information or to publish with permission.

Q1 2022

Q4 2021