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How it Works


Fraudlogix javascript code is embedded on 300+ million URLs and apps, monitoring 1 billion unique users monthly.


IPs that generate high volumes of fake ad traffic and installs are identified and added to a list, which updates hourly.


The list is integrated directly into the Tune platform for proactive blocking.

Fraudlogix IP Block List FAQ

What makes the Fraudlogix IP Block list unique?

The Fraudlogix IP Block List is the only one derived from a large amount of live data collected from a multitude of networks and exchanges within the affiliate and programmatic space. The live input causes the data to change hourly, making it the most frequently updated and community-based feed on the market.

Where do you get the IP addresses from?

We combine fraud intelligence from all of our clients across the affiliate and programmatic ecosystem. Our pixel encounters 1 billion unique users, 300+ million unique URLs and apps monthly.

How large is the IP Block List?

The IP Block List is roughly 2.5 million unique IP addresses at any given time.

How does an IP make it to the list?

By consistently generating a large percentage of fake traffic.

How do IPs get removed from the list?

When the amount of real traffic begins to outweigh the amount of fake traffic seen from an IP it will be removed.

What do you consider fake/fraudulent traffic?

Traffic that’s generated by bots, automated scripts, non-human traffic, malware, and traffic coming from data centers.

How often does the IP Block List update?

Hourly. IPs are constantly being added or removed based on current input from the affiliate and programmatic ecosystem.

What is the latency?


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About Fraudlogix

Fraudlogix has been a trusted leader in the affiliate and programmatic fraud detection space since 2010 and was founded by industry veterans with a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem. We cater our solutions to the unique challenges of affiliate networks and ad exchanges within the online advertising marketplace, providing them with fraud solutions for mobile, in-app, desktop and video environments. Our technology allows us to monitor data from over 1 billion unique users and 300+ million URLs monthly. We’re able to map the latest devices, locations, bots, behaviors, and hacking tactics that are being used by affiliate fraudsters.