Ad Blocker Impact

Case Study


Through a JavaScript pixel that serves inside of an ad tag each time an ad impression is won in the bid stream, Fraudlogix monitors traffic on over 1 billion unique users monthly, across 300 million URLs and apps. Over a one-week period in May 2020, we analyzed 2.56 billion ad impressions.


Lower Performance


Ad blockers often fail and when they do, advertisers waste an average of 11.5% of their desktop budgets (3% mobile) serving ads to users with a dislike for ads

These ad blocker impressions had 11x lower click-through rates in a post-bid analysis of 46 million ad impressions

Ads served to IPs with high ad blocker propensity resulted in a 65% reduction in performance across 2,500 campaigns


Ad Blocker Status

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Conversion

No Ad Blocker Installed

$ 0.70

$ 10.19

Medium Ad Blocker Propensity

$ 1.26

$ 17.54

High Ad Blocker Propensity

$ 1.53

$ 28.69

Extreme Ad Blocker Propensity

$ 1.76

$ 30.22

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