ADanalytix™ for


Identify Fraud  •  Monitor Quality  •  Protect Brand

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ADanalytix™ for

Affiliate Marketers

Verify Leads  •  Maximize Conversions  •  Improve ROI

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Real-Time Action

Measure the quality of your traffic partners in real-time

Flexible Pricing

Unlimited monitoring of traffic at the pre-bid or event levels

Detailed Reports

Analyze transactions, and all sources across multiple variables

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ADanalytix™ for Programmatic

Mobile, Display, In-App, Video, and OTT/CTV Environments

Ad Fraud

Identify and block invalid traffic (GIVT & SIVT) generated by bots, malware, compromised devices, and other fraudulent means.



Measure the percentage of ad impressions that are in view (or played within a video) on end-users’ devices when ads are served.


Brand Safety

Know when ads are displayed on sites with potentially brand-damaging content, such as those with adult or gambling-related material.

Domain & App Spoofing

Identify incorrect ad placements by publishers and verify authorizations to sell domain inventory with Ads.txt monitoring.

ADanalytix™ for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Fraud Prevention and Quality Management

Place the Fraudlogix pixel on your landing page and connect with us via your tracking platform’s API, or post data to us server-to-server.

We monitor your traffic and score the quality of your leads, installs, and actions in real-time. See affiliates’ performance and changes in quality over time.

Full dashboard reporting to identify fraudulent traffic partners and their transactions. View detailed reports on why transactions are being flagged.

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